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2023-03-13 阿星 研究生

Sporcle ( - Sporcle is a trivia website where you can play thousands of quizzes covering various topics such as geography, history, sports, movies, music, and more. You can also create and share your own quizzes with the Sporcle community.

A Soft Murmur ( - A Soft Murmur is a website that lets you create your own custom ambient soundscapes. You can mix and match different sounds like rain, thunder, waves, and birdsong to create a relaxing and immersive environment that suits your mood.

Duolingo ( - Duolingo is a language-learning website and app that uses gamification to make learning a new language fun and engaging. It offers courses in over 40 languages and is designed to be accessible to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers.

Sporcle( - Sporcle 是一个知识竞猜网站,你可以在这里玩数千个涵盖各种主题的问答游戏,如地理、历史、体育、电影、音乐等。你还可以创建和分享自己的问答游戏,与 Sporcle 社区互动。

A Soft Murmur( - A Soft Murmur 是一个让你创建自定义环境音效的网站。你可以混合不同的声音,如雨声、雷声、海浪声和鸟鸣声,创建一个适合你心情的放松和沉浸式环境。

Duolingo( - Duolingo 是一个语言学习网站和应用程序,使用游戏化方式使学习新语言变得有趣和引人入胜。它提供超过 40 种语言的课程,并设计成适用于所有级别的学习者,从初学者到高级学习者。